Developing ideas

I think that the best part of developing a solution is to see the test coverage reach the 100% in all environments.

My skills


Mymedesp (2018)

App to manage the weekly menu and pantry. Has a NodeJS backend and Flutter App .


CodeStats Ranking (2018)

One day I decide to add gamification to my app developing days.

Other day I decide to make a ranking between partners and this is the result.

Skrap (2018)

Python web spider to recover tsunamies info and transforms it to a CSV file.

Made in the master of Data Science of Universidad Oberta de Cataluya.

Avalon Arena (2018)

Arena game in 3D developed to the post-degree of Develop and Design of Videogames.

Made in C# oriented to components.

SSTorrent (2016)

Developed in Angular 4 and Java EE with Hibernate.

Web scrapping over other torrents search engines and show the info simplified.

YourVocabulary (2016)

Learn new languages with gamification.

I created and used it only for personal purpose. I have had good results

Spidey Force 2D (2015)

It started as part of a workshop of design of videogames in Unity to the USAL in Salamanca.

Tells the story of Sarah, a dagger master and her travel over the world.

My RPG (2015)

Core of a RPG game. Has Heroes, Enemies, Classes, Races, Equipment...

Also contains a basic combat system in terminal.

Catapark (2013)

Economic management system to parkings in Spain.

Developed in PHP, JS and HTML with bootstrap 3.